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The Undercaste is a podcast from Seattle's only street newspaper, Real Change News. Each episode will focus on an aspect of homelessness and poverty described by a Real Change vendor followed by conversations with subject matter experts. At the close, an advocate will give information about work being done and concrete steps that listeners can take to make a difference. The Undercaste will be a platform for marginalized voices, and dig deep into the issues and forces that shape the lives of our homeless and low-income vendors.

Episode 1 – “House on Wheels”

  On our first episode of The Undercaste, we talk with Real Change vendor Donald Morehead about his experiences living in his vehicle and his advice for policymakers. For more information on Donald, check out […]

Episode 0 – Welcome to the Undercaste

  This is The Undercaste, a new podcast from Seattle’s only street newspaper, Real Change. Every month, we will bring you issues facing homeless and low-income people as told by Real Change vendors, in their […]